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Cleverly selected carrier materials for even fresher bread rolls

Röschediele K2 is the innovative advancement of our plastic baking trays. The secret of this baking tray lies in the material which is made from high-quality plastic and a microfibre surface with microfilaments.


Hygienic transport of your dough pieces

The main focus in the development of our trays was placed upon the reliable regulation of moisture. The microfibre material of the baking trays is highly breathable and allows vapour and moisture to pass. Rounded corners and edges prevent germs from settling. The high level of surface air circulation avoids excessive moistening but also prevents the dough from drying out. This way you are able to bake even fresher bread rolls with a truly crispy crust and an incomparable aroma.

Convenient handling of your baking tray

Despite the different materials RöschedieleK2 is as easy to clean as our plastic baking trays without microfilaments. The tray can be easily washed and is dishwasher-safe. Due to the plastic materials and microfilaments used the drying time is extremely short. You do not have to fear delays during production and transport. Working with this baking tray is not only extremely hygienic but also achieves good results. It is possible to stack several baking trays and maintain the freshness of the dough pieces. 

Characteristics of Röschediele K2:

  • Suitable for all standard bread roll production lines
  • Non-switched, stable and durable material with microfilaments 
  • Suitable for quick cleaning in the dishwasher
  • Quick-drying carrier
  • No sticking of dough pieces due to the newly developed surface


The baking tray is available in the following sizes: 


  • External dimensions: 589 x 388 mm
  • Internal dimensions: 564 x 364 x 45 mm
  • Overall height: 49 mm
  • Net weight: 1.1 kg



  • External dimensions: 775 x 573 mm
  • Internal dimensions: 752 x 548 x 45 mm
  • Overall height: 49 mm
  • Net weight: 2.1 kg



  • External dimensions: 980 x 570 mm
  • Internal dimensions: 957 x 547 x 45 mm
  • Overall height: 49 mm
  • Net weight: 2.7 kg


With a single call you can order the clever baking tray Röschediele K2!

Detailed view
Surface structure

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