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Perfectly cooled fresh dough: AirBooster

Bakery machines are indispensable for cooling your dough in order to supply your clients with fresh rolls and always achieve optimum baking results. This is why we have developed the AirBooster which cools down your dough pieces in no time at all to a temperature of 10°C.


Economical cooling of dough pieces 

You are able to use the AirBooster with modern baking trays. Turned on, the powerful fans extract warm air from the stack of trays. At the same time cool air from the cold store is channeled through slots into the system. Your dough pieces cool down within just a few minutes and remain fresh for longer. As efficiency is paramount you are not only able to cool down one stack of baking trays with raw dough, instead you extract air out of two stacks. The AirBooster can be controlled using a separate control device. Our modern bakery machine made of stainless steel can be used in all conventional cooling systems. 

Efficient bakery machine with a high degree of efficiency  

As the AirBooster does not have to generate additional cold air and only extracts warm air, cooling is extremely economical. You will be able to reduce costs during operation and make your continuing production of fresh rolls more economical. Ease of use even by just one person and space-saving design make its use even more lucrative. 

Product data at a glance:

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Measurements: 185 x 90 x 52 cm
  • 3 powerful fans, 3-step switch 
  • Swivel castors with wheel stops
  • Separate control panel for wall mounting


Mode of operation and benefits:

  • Cools down dough from 25°C to 10°C in as little as 8 minutes 
  • Cooling of two stacks of baking trays within 10 minutes
  • Reduction in temperature by extracting warm air
  • No additional production of cooling energy
  • High energy efficiency while keeping operating costs low
  • Possibility of one-man operation


If you are interested in our efficient, economic cooling system, please give us a call!

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Brochure on the AirBooster

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Brochures on trays

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