Röschediele K2
Röschediele Optima
Peelboard MONO + DUO
AirAktiv Brötchenblech


Information on AirBooster


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Information on Peelboard




Baking tray / Röschediele K2

Information on Röschediele K2


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Baking tray / Röschediele Optima

Information on Röschediele Optima


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Instruction manual for the baking tray / Röschediele

Application example of Röschediele Optima


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Perforated sheet insert

Information on the perforated sheet insert

Information material on our products

In order to have another close look at the benefits of our baking trays and bakery machines, you are able to download the corresponding brochures in pdf format. Apart from product images you will find all relevant data on cooling systems and baking trays in the brochures.



Additionally, we provide short manuals for our products which show our bakery equipment in use.


You will require a reader to view the brochures, for example from Adobe.


You are also welcome to order the brochures. Please use our our contact form.